Al-Mustafa International University is a comprehensive educational institution that provides the enthusiasts from all over the world with the opportunity of studying the Islamic science and knowledge. 

Therefore, certain methods should be used in order to draw their interest and proceed with their admission. Applicants’ distribution, inequality of their knowledge, complications in educational regulations or rules of immigration for education in some countries, demands the application of various methods. Different types of admission in Al-Mustafa University are:

1. Personal Admission

Those eager to study in Al-Mustafa University may visit the representative or educational centres of the University in different countries and submit their admission applications in person. Visiting the central office in Iran is specifically for the applicants who are residing in the Islamic Republic of Iran for sound reasons.


2. Centralized Examinations in Branches

In order to facilitate the conditions and to avoid extra charges for applicants, Al-Mustafa University holds written and oral examinations and makes selections among applicants by interviewing them in their countries of residence. These examinations are held with the cooperation of the representative centres with the central office. 


3. Correspondence and Non-attendance Course Admission

For this purpose, applicants may visit the website of the Department of Education of Al-Mustafa University at, Evaluation and Admission Office at, or they can send their application via e-mail to



Criteria for Admission:

All applicants who would like to study atAl-Mustafa International University must meet the following criteria:

1  Moral and religious competence;

2. Following the regulations of Al-Mustafa International University;

3. Physical and psychological health;

4. Holding an intermediate degree (high school diploma);

5. Not being legally prohibited of further education;

6. Obligation of completion of the intended course;


Admission Priorities:

1. Distinguished individuals who have memorized the holy Qur’an or Hadeeth;

2. Holders of high-ranking scientific positions;

3. Remarkably talented persons;

4. Graduates of scientific centres affiliated to Al-Mustafa University in foreign countries;

5. Holders of degrees higher than intermediate (high school diploma);

6. Multilinguals;

7. Specialists in various scientific, cultural, artistic, etc... arenas;

8. Activists in religious, social, cultural and political arenas;

9. Scholarship holders from religious, scientific and cultural institutions and personalities;yu

10. Eligible married couplesapplicants.


Required Documents

1. Completed admission form

2. Photocopy of valid identity documents

3. Four recent colored photos, size 3x4, portrait form

4. Photocopy of the most higher education qualification certificate along with its transcript

5. Priority qualifications documents


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Central Office postal address: Al-Mustafa International University, Mo’allem Street, Qum, Islamic Republic of Iran. Postal code: 439.




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