Relations & International


The Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) was formally established with the proposal of Suranaree University of Technology (SUT) Thailand on 28July 1995. The main purpose of the association is develop stronger academic cooperation and expand higher education worldwide between higher education institutions and universities and also sharing the advantages of member universities in order to put the capability of higher education into the hands of the public.

Currently the main headquarter of AUAP is in Thailand and more than 220 universities and higher education institutes from 19 countries are the official members of the AUAP. The administration structure consists of a president (elected by a majority of members present and voting who remains in office for two years), two vice-presidents, the board, advisory council and treasury.

The conference is held every two years in one of the member universities with presence of universities’ presidents in order to improve and expand academic cooperation as well as develop internationalization of universities. Also AUAP holds seminars and academic workshops due to close relation of the association with other international academic, cultural and educational organizations. The other purpose of the association is to develop ways for Asia and Pacific to have a closer cooperation with one another, networking between university members, exchanging students and academics, consulting, financial support of research projects, seminars, conferences, symposiums and academic programs, publishing magazines and newspapers and organizing academic programs.

Since one of the criteria in international university rankings is membership of credible academic and cultural associations, the Al-Mustafa University will certainly secure a better place in international rankings.