Relations & International


The Department of Promotion and Exhibitions conducts the following programs with the goal of introducing activities of Al-Mustafa University for the public and for the academics inside Iran and across the borders:

Publishing University brochure

Al-Mustafa University seminary students are in the society and work with people and the University authorities have relationship with different organizations and institutions; therefore, some booklets and catalogues are printed with different subjects and designs to be presented and given in different occasions.

Making Presentations:

Several academics and personalities visit Al-Mustafa University in Iran and abroad branches and schools. In order to introduce the university to them, a short film has been prepared presenting different departments and activities of Al-Mustafa University

Organizing Events:

Public gatherings are held in different occasions and public speaker and religious disseminators are invited to deliver speeches in order to uphold Islamic rituals and preserve national culture. Billboards and banners get on display delivering congratulation or condolence messages according to the events and occasions.  


Public Relations Office prepares the archive and file the film of all events and ceremonies. The staffs of Public Relations Department have successfully done their duties and responsibilities.