Relations & International

1. Cultural and scientific membership of and active and influential participation in international and regional institutions, specially Islamic and religious education institutes, and introduction of Al-Mustafa University as an international scientific and educational institute;

2. Continuous, considered, intelligent and active spread of general information through various media, considering the complexity, suitability and knowledge of information dissemination. Special form of provision of information for particular audience in Islamic schools inside the country is also supported;

3. Efforts for acquiring worldwide recognition of Al-Mustafa University degrees;

4. Utilization of media, while preserving the Hawza values and providing information for students, professors and experts, and effective participation in international media networks focusing on educational, research and cultural matters;

5. Paving the way for electronic collaboration with research, educational and cultural institutes and extending the international network of students, graduates, professors, religious missionaries, national societies and transnational subject-oriented societies;

6. Handling graduates’ affairs for fulfilling the educational, research, cultural and propagation duties. Establishment and extension of graduates’ database, and a knowledge base for propagation and missionary programs are also envisioned;

7. Policy making and coordinating information sites of all the centres affiliated to Al-Mustafa University with a scientific and educational approach;

8. Establishment of a system of information seeking and gathering, data analysis and evaluation of reports generated by delegations, managers, professors, experts and also students, and presentation of all of these in a suitable format to different pertinent authorities.

9. Efforts for monitoring international developments related to Al-Mustafa University mission and providing necessary information packages to various sections.