Culture & Training

Assuring students’ and their families’ exhilaration, succulence and health has always been an important factor for the International Al-Mustafa University. Therefore, arrangements have been made in all affiliated centres so that all of the students, their wives and children can spend some time on sports and recreational activities. These arrangements which are operational are:

1. Training

Students, their spouse and children can be trained in 22 sports categories such as football, futsal, volleyball, fitness programs, ancient sports, badminton, athletics, swimming, hiking etc…

2. Sports Competitions

Sports competitions are held with the purpose of spreading the spirit of fair and healthy competition, identification of sports elites and creating further motivation, in form of sports Olympiads and various other types of competitions.

3. Sports Consultation

Based on the considerable effect of sports on morale and cure of many physical illnesses, the physical training experts of Al-Mustafa University pay special attention to sports consultation and welcome students for this purpose.

The most important issues of consideration are: physiology, anatomy, suitable intake, the foundation and principles of coaching, training schedules, stretch and jumping workout routine.

4. Increasing Awareness

The awareness workshops are held for the purpose of increasing students’ physical education and  health awareness.