Among other research activities of Al-Mustafa University is formation of scientific research societies and groups for scientific team activities. 

The societies are formed in different scientific subjects by higher level students and graduates of educational centres. Among the objectives of these scientific research societies and groups are: 

1.Groupwork in scientific affairs; 

2.Internship of scientific research activities; 

3.Setting the scene for participation in scientific activities; 

4.Holding scientific seminars in specialised subjects. 

More than 200 scientific societies with more than four thousand members are presently active in centres and units of Al-Mustafa University. Many joint research activities take place in these societies; some of them include:

Item Subject
1 Codification and undertaking research projects
2 Compilation or translation of books or articles
3 Production and publication of general and specialised periodicals
4 Launching scientific websites in virtual spaces
5 Design and publication of scientific brochures and special editions
6 Holding or participating in scientific conferences and seminars
7 Holding and participating in scientific research competitions
8 Holding and participating in research workshops
9 Holding specialised exhibitions
10 Management and execution of scientific camps


 Specialised subjects of scientific research societies and groups

Item Subject
1 Principles of jurisprudence
2 Qur’an and Hadeeth sciences
3 Philosophy, scholastic theology and gnosis
4 Literature
5 Sciences of manners and ethics
6 History
7 Law
8 Women studies and translation
9 Economy
10 Campaign and communication
11 Political sciences
12 Management
13 Others