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The structure of office of parliamentary affairs

Office of Parliamentary Affairsis one of the independent (autonomous) offices in MIU administrative structure. It operates at a general managery stage. The manager of this administrative suite is appointed by MIU president.


A general manager, a responsible expert, an expert, and an officer.


According to its functions in the sacred system of Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Majlis (Parliament) has always had an important role in the political structure, and as the Islamic Revolution Leader has said, is a basic and a determinant element for the Revolution to which all affairs and their clues refer. On this foundation, the office for parliamentary affairs was established in MIU aiming at promoting connection and interaction between this center and that important strategic institution and using the house of nation’s capacities and opportunities to achieve its high institutional goals.

This office accomplishes its mission by relation with Majlis specialized commissions, relevant parliamentary fractions, parliamentary friendship groups, majority of representatives, Majlis administrative organization, parliamentary deputies and directors of the Executive, government office, as well as relation with directors and experts of vice-presidency for planning and strategic supervision. 


1. To make effective and mutual connection between MIU and the Majles.

2. Tracking MIU affairs in the Majles, including its budget and governmental credits, or relevant bills and plans presented there and supporting them for the good and interests of MIU;

3. Tracking and connection with government regarding MIU budget and finance;

4. Active and effective attendance in general and specialized sittings of the Majles relevant to the MIU.

5. To prepare and propose long-term and mid-term program, annual budget of the office of parliamentary affairs and providing relevant authorities with report of its performance and records.