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Message of the rector of Al-Mustafa International University On the beginning of the 1399-1400 (2020-2021) academic year

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Distinguished professors, scholars and colleagues of Al-Mustafa International University,

With salutations and best wishes for your success and divine approval in the field of education and the acquisition of knowledge, on the eve of a new chapter of academic dynamism, I present a few points:

1. Today, the world is in the midst of a situation that can be described as a “displacement of discourse” based on the displacement and change of worldview and lifestyle. In practice, the system of discourse based on liberal democracy has shown its inability to create universal justice and has not allowed all people to benefit from divine gifts and the establishment of a just world order in practice and has led to the despair of the masses. This is while the discourse of the Islamic Revolution, which is based on the basic components of spirituality, rationality and justice is intended to offer a new order in the shadow of the new Islamic civilization. Naturally, Al-Mustafa International University, as an international academic institution, has duties and responsibilities that it should give attention to in the meantime.

2. Undoubtedly, the realization of this lofty goal is not achievable except in the shadow of the effort to diversify educational methods, especially in the current crises in the fields of health, economy, culture, society, politics and global security. The many and varied problems and challenges that exist require academic and rational answers based on revealed rationality. Al-Mustafa International University has such a mission for itself. Therefore, the slogan of “diversifying educational methods” to achieve academic authority, especially in the period of change and the displacement of components of culture and power in the international community, is considered in Al-Mustafa International University’s strategic plan. This diversification of education, especially in the world today, which is affected by the widespread COVID-19 pandemic, is considered an unavoidable necessity.

3. The diversification of the educational sector should be designed in such a way that everyone can easily and simply benefit from the education at Al-Mustafa International University while consolidating the work without compromising on the quality and content of the education.

 4. Virtual education can play a key role in creating educational diversity. The global context to take advantage of the benefits of virtual education is largely available and all praise belongs to God, Al-Mustafa International University has provided the appropriate infrastructure for it over the past several years. In the short period that we have been facing the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been demonstrated well that Al-Mustafa International University can use this platform to expand its activities.

 5. New methods and teachings should continue to contain the content of education and edification and scholars and seminarians can benefit from the speeches and behavioural advice and sermons of professors and moral content at an appropriate level while pursuing academic training. “Education without purification” certainly cannot fulfill the lofty goals of Al-Mustafa International University and it offers men of knowledge and piety to the world community.

 6. The research-oriented approach should be pursued as the dominant approach to education at al-Mustafa International University. Recognizing new challenges to humankind and providing solutions should be on the agenda as Al-Mustafa International University’s academic duty and obligation because academic authority requires that education leads to fruitful research and solves the problems and issues of society.

 7. Giving consideration to global issues and updating and improving academic and educational content is a basic strategy on the path to achieving Al-Mustafa International University’s academic authority. Therefore, it is required from the dear professors and officials to give attention to strategy in compiling educational topics and texts. The combination of modernity and originality and the acceptance of positive change in the framework of original traditions and solid foundations cannot only guarantee Al-Mustafa International University’s academic authority but can also provide the prerequisites for the second step of the Islamic Revolution to provide solutions to overcome challenges and problems of society.

 8. Alumni and their extensive network are among Al-Mustafa International University’s greatest supporters in achieving its goals. Their presence in the far reaches of the world and the cultural geographies of the world provides a vast amount of information and data that can play an important and historical role in the system of topics and issues for international research and education based on the discourse of justice, spirituality and rationality. Protecting and developing this relationship and transferring information and data through various means, new methods, tools and technologies can be a platform for Al-Mustafa International University to flourish and be more efficient in achieving the main goals and discourse and thought of the Islamic Revolution.

 In conclusion, while sincerely thanking each and every one of you, dear professors and researchers and esteemed seminarians and all officials and staff of Al-Mustafa International University, I wish you a year full of success and divine approval from God Almighty.

 “And providence belongs to God and reliance is on Him.”

  Dr.Ali Abbasi

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