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Al-Mustafa students can be divided into two groups; first, those international students coming to Iran and second, students studying in their countries in Al-Mustafa university international branches.
Al-Mustafa University provides students with facilities and services on a need-basis.
Students studying in Al-Mustafa branches outside Iran receive stipend and in some cases accommodations; however, international students who come to Iran are provided with a greater number of services due to migration procedures and other needs of them.
Services can be divided into administrative and facilitating which are offered in the form of scholarship and include:
1-      Visa
2-      Residence permit
3-      Issues related to exiting and entering the country
4-      Health insurance
5-      Provision of certificates for students in different languages and sending them to required institutions
1-      Housing allowance
2-      Travel allowance
3-      University fees
4-      Visa and resident expenses
5-      Loan
6-      Major home appliance
An overview of services:                                                                             
Student visa:
Students are required to have student’s visa before entering to Iran. Therefore, Al-Mustafa University arranges with the Foreign Office and provides students with visa.
Accommodating new students:
Admitted students are accommodated when then enter to Iran; they are temporarily accommodated in Al-Mustafa Guest Houses until administrative works are carried out.
Issuing residence:
Student visa should be renewed every 6 months to 1 year and students need to renew their visa before expiration.
Extending visa:
Students can extend their visa through their schools representatives; they fill in the request form for extension of visa and the school officials follow up administrative work until the visa is extended.
Travel Allowance:
Students and their family are entitled to travel allowance which is paid based on regulations; the amount of allowance is different based on students outstanding works; e.g. memorizing the Quran, authoring papers, teaching and conducting research studies.
Alumni relationship
Alumni of Al-Mustafa University can stay connected with Al-Mustafa University and enjoy cultural supports and services; including books, and other media facilitating dissemination.
Provision of accommodation is based on students’ marital status and some other criteria.
Single Students: single students are accommodated in campus or university accommodations; they stay in until the end of their studies and enjoy food and facilities inside the campus.
Married students:
Married students are accommodated through two methods:
1-      University accommodation
2-      Home allowance
They also enjoy:
1.       Stipend
2.       Health insurance
3.       Facilities
For further information concerning facilities and students’ families affairs please check the following website.