The Al-Hikmah institute in the form of the large scientific complex of the Al-Mustafa Al-Alamia society is responsible for holding instructional, skill acquiring, research and knowledge raising courses for applicants from all around the world and researchers employed in the affiliated centers governed by the Al-Mustafa Al-Alamia society inside and outside of the country.

Focusing on this axial values that are based upon the instructions of the Holy Quran and Ahl-e Beit (peace be upon them) and concentrating on qualitative indexes of “Accuracy”, “Speed”, “Flexibility”, “Having linguistics experts”, “Approximation of the instructions”, “Religious variety”, “National variety”, “gender variety”, students variety from Islamic and non-Islamic countries” puts this institute in a strategic relationship with the goals of Al-Mustafa Al-Alamia society.


Institute of Intensive Courses and Sabbatical Leaves