About US


Al-Mustafa International University (MIU) is a valuable collection of Qom’s Seminary elites which aims at achieving bright horizons by quenching the thirst of those in the world who are thirsty of and looking for clear Divine teachings, hoping that it could be an effective step forward towards development of Islamic theories and presenting Islamic pure and Divine thoughts in the global stage by its efforts.

Al-Mustafa International University has made more than 34000 students from 108 various countries familiar with Islamic teachings and studies so far, in such a way that every one of them is now a preacher of inclusiveness of enlightenment of genuine Islam around the world.

Making efforts to train those interested in Islam effectively needs not only outstanding knowledge, but also such a cultural and educational mechanism that manages to flourish this ethic-based religion in their soul. Therefore, the importance of MIU Department of Cultural and Training Affairs emerges in such a way that two essential elements, i.e. culture and upbringing, are considered so serious, and leads those in charge of managing this department to have an appropriate intellectual investment on that.

The Department has designed and executed its achievements in following four headlines and topics:

 Upbringing programs;

Quran and Hadith programs;

Cultural programs;

Educational skills programs;

What draw attention about this influential department more than anything else, are organizational relationships between staff of this department and its lines and executive wings in schools, educational centers and cultural centers. In a planned action, all activities are designed and planned in the staff of this Department and executed and implemented in the MIU’s satellite centers and campuses. The staff (Headquarters) seriously and effectively monitors operations in executive units of these centers.