Al-Mustafa International University has taken measures on launch of level Five of jurisprudence and principles, following the macro policy that is based on the development of academic and research higher levels, and in order to reveal the hidden talents of students, and also for fulfilling the duties mentioned in the strategic document, the most important of which is training of cultured and aware instructors, researchers, translators, mujtahids and theoreticians who are capable of managing academic and cultural complexes and are well-versed in Islamic sciences and teachings of Ahl-ul-Bait (AS). This is a sub-specialist course and is on the highest level of educational courses offered by Al-Mustafa University. It is presently being taught in the subject of jurisprudence and principles with the purpose of training specialist scholars.

Level Five, is a combination of educational and research activities in which the elites and scholars of Al-Mustafa University carry their full-time scientific activities (study, research and teaching) based on the approved program and seek the power of deduction, independent reasoning and expertise in jurisprudence and principles.