1-1-3.Level Four:

This is a taught and research course that is solely based on the Hawza subjects and completely relies on jurisprudence and principles’ subjects, subjects of Dars-e-kharij of jurisprudence and principles and their prerequisites, and is presented to the students in forms of research, lectures and documentary, analysis and reviews.   

The level includes two programs:

A. Four-year educational program:

In this program, students educational duties include three points:

1.Participating in Dars-e-kharij of principles and jurisprudence of Hawza

2.Passing completion subjects3.Attending the classes of the advisors of Dars-e-kharij.

B.One-year research program

During this period students will compile their scientific treatises in one of the subjects of principles, jurisprudence and related subjects to these. This is worth 6 units. Basic subjects divisions

Item Subjects Divisions Units
1 Main subjects 64
2 Completion subjects 32
3 Scientific thesis 6
Total 102

 Main subjects

Item Subject Units
1 Kharij of jurisprudence and principles 48
2 Consultation and advice on Kharij of jurisprudence and principles 16
Total 64

 Completion subjects

Item Subjects Units
1 Method of opinion assessment and Ijtihad critique 2
2 Usage of jurisprudential rules 2
3 Usage of principle rules 4
4 New problems related to principles 2
5 Philosophy of jurisprudence 2
6 Schools and curricula of Ijtihad (general schools) 4
7 Schools and curricula of Ijtihad (special schools) 2
8 comparative verses on religious regulations 6
9 Research on biographical evaluation 6
10 Methodology of dars-e-kharij 2
Total 32

The total units in this course are 102.