About US

Laying the physical, financial and supportive groundwork required for achieving the objectives of Al-Mustafa International University.
1. Improving the services and supports based on the principle of decreasing bureaucratic incumbency
2. Making effort to provide a peaceful and comfortable situation for the students, the graduates, students’ families, and staff and increasing their satisfaction via relative welfare, providing medical care and offering facilities for physical health
3. Endeavoring to provide students with social, legal, financial, political and intellectual security through coordinating with related organizations
4. Providing the services according to the students’ education, culture and research situation
5. Optimizing utilization of properties and facilities
6. Expanding educational, sporting, and cultural facilities, services, and accommodation through technology parks and accommodation campus according to the standards and situation inside the county and across the boundaries
7. Making effort to support the students’ academic and cultural activities as well as the graduates’ through founding financial institutions and providing necessary grounds
8. Regulating and making transparent of the financial issues
9. Attempting to generate funds through offering services and educational and cultural products and absorbing local resources
10. Transferring the entire financial and administrative issues to the affiliate schools