About US

Al-Mustafa University as an international academic, Islamic and Howzawi institute and an institute carrying the title of the blessing last prophet, Mohammad (s.a), has set the followings as its chief activities, i.e. fulfilling the needs of the thirsty for knowledge and disseminating Islamic teachings.

The objectives of the university are:

1. Instructing jurists, researchers, teachers, disseminators and pious and committed Muslim thinkers

2. Clarifying and expanding the Quranic and Islamic viewpoints and disseminating Islamic theories, divine teachings and humanities knowledge

The major policies for achieving the objectives include:

· Comprehensive training based on moral and Howzawi values

· Relying on long-term Howzawi and Islamic centres’ traditions

· Attempting to advance knowledge, religious viewpoints and translation of Islamic resources

· Relying on logic and intellect and dialogue with the other religions and creeds

· Having research-based and training approach

· Safeguarding human dignity in national and international interactions

· Respecting Muslim countries in accordance with cooperative and unity-promoting policy

Some of the affiliates of Al-Mustafa University are;

· Language and Islamic Teachings Centre

· Jurisprudence Supreme School

· Imam Khomeini School

· Islamic Religions School

· Humanities School

· Bent Al-Huda School (for female students)

· Short-Course and Study Opportunities Centre

· Al-Mustafa Knowledge Centre (e-learning and distance learning)

· Al-Mustafa International Research Centre

· Language and Culture Specialized Centre

· Al-Mustafa Branches in Tehran, Mash’had, Isfahan, Gorgan and Geshm

· Centres for education of students’ children and spouse

There are centres for higher education under supervision of Al-Mustafa University such as Al Al-Bayt University, Howzat Al-Athar, Sebtayn School, and Shahid Sadr School. Al-Mustafa also cooperates with some international universities and academic and Howzawi institutes.

o Academic staff and faculty members:

Al-Mustafa has employed more than 2500 academic staff, some of whom are faculty members teaching in Iran and international schools.

o Programs and concentrations

More than 150 programs have been ratified; some of these programs are currently running such as Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic Law, Jurisprudence and Islamic Teachings, Comparative Jurisprudence, Worshiping Jurisprudence, Political Jurisprudence, Economic Jurisprudence, Judicial Jurisprudence, Family Jurisprudence, Instructing Jurisprudence, Social Jurisprudence, Comparative Commentary, the Quran and Sciences, Philosophy and Islamic Mysticism, Islamic Theology, Islamic Culture and Teachings, History of Islam, Shiite knowledge, Religions and Creeds, Economics, Pedagogical Science, Dissemination and Communication, Social Studies, Politics, Law, Farsi Language, Islamic Teachings, Arabic Language and Literature, and other programs to name only a few.

o Publications and authorship

Al-Mustafa University has so far published more than 1000 books and textbooks in various fields of Islamic programs and the Humanities in different languages.

The University has also provided the students with more than 500 academic texts in order to facilitate students’ learning.

o Relation with academic, research and cultural centres:

Some of the related activities of the university include signing cooperation memorandums for exchanging academic staff and students, offering scholarships, holding joint academic and research conferences and exchanging visiting delegations to name just a few.

Al-Mustafa has signed cooperation agreements with more than 50 universities and seminary centres in Iran and other countries; one of these agreements is between Al-Mustafa and International Islamic World Universities Society.

o Other activities:

Some of the miscellaneous activities of the university include organizing tours, ceremonies, competitions, Quranic and sport Olympiads, holding biennial Festival of Tuba, and several other cultural and training programs.

Students enjoy national and cultural societies with more than 100 societies offering different services and media.

Besides academic programs the University offers vocational and technical skills to students who are interested in such activities.

The Students and Family Centre has established centres facilitating students’ family and children learning with a diverse range of programs they offer.

o Admission

Applicants can apply through Islamic Republic of Iran’s representatives and offices of Al-Mustafa in their countries; also they can apply through the following website: www.miu.ac.ir