Relations & International


In the Name of God

Cultural-Scientific Cooperation Agreement

Between Al-Mustafa International University and ……………….


With the aim of expanding the boundaries of wisdom and knowledge, and developing cultural-scientific ties between the Al-Mustafa International University and other academic-research institutions and in order to make optimized use of facilities for achieving common goals, this agreement was arranged between the Al-Mustafa International University (hereinafter called Al-Mustafa (s.a)) and ……………… and its contents will be executed collaboratively based on separate independent agreements.

Clause 1: cooperation in educational fields

1. Teaching Farsi language to non-Iranian students

2. Teaching other languages taught in the Al-Mustafa Language and Culturology Center

3. Developing bilateral complementary programs collaboratively

4. Exchanging lecturers

5. Creating short-term specialized courses for academic staff and students in postgraduate levels

6. Inviting professors from both sides to supervise and advise postgraduate dissertations

7. Offering scholarships to students from both sides

8. Exchanging students for different programs

9. Exchanging postgraduate students for passing special courses or doing researches related to their dissertation

10. Supporting the MIU’s postgraduate students for passing some course units or doing their dissertation research

11. Exchanging information and experiences as per designing syllabus

12. Holding workshops in the field of religion and culture

13. Issuing academic certificates for the students studying in side’s universities in different academic levels

14. Transferring experiences regarding e-learning technology

15. Transferring experiences for developing new courses and programs

16. Cooperating in producing and assessing academic magazines and textbooks

17. Exchanging information concerning changes in the education methods based on the modern information and communication technologies

18. Utilizing techniques to help apply the theoretical principles and the results of researches in the syllabus development

19. Exchanging software applications, films, and other educational and research tools

20. Exchanging defended postgraduate dissertations and research plans

21. Exchanging information banks (particularly scientific-research information banks)

22. Exchanging experiences, scientific-research documents and educational and research information

23. Creating common sabbatical opportunities for the academia

24. Directing postgraduate dissertations toward the areas mostly needed in both sides

25. Holding special workshops for increasing the skills of academic staffs and researchers of both sides

26. Exchanging lecturers in special fields such as Shiite Studies, Farsi Language and other major language

Clause 2: Cooperating in research fields:

1. Running joints research plans (theoretical and practical)

2. Arranging research workshops and utilizing each other’s facilities and equipments

3. Developing, collecting and translating academic texts and major sources

4. Inviting lecturers and professors for lecturing and participating in conferences

5. Arranging and providing conferences’ programs and other common academic gatherings

6. Producing books, magazines and academic papers needed by both sides

7. Evaluating, running and assessing each other’s researches and study plans

8. Providing the contexts for websites, and academic magazines

9. Holding conferences for the staffs and management and faculty members for both sides

10. Developing software applications required by both sides

11. Providing unique research subjects for both side’s research programs

12. Jointly finding and assessing the needs of students

13. Both sides produce a common academic periodical


Clause 3: Cooperation in the area of culture and dissemination


1. Providing special situations for mutual dissemination and cultural activities

2. Providing special sources for dissemination and cultural activities of disseminators and graduates of MIU

3. Exchanging information and experiences regarding cultures and dissemination and understanding the countries’ cultures

4. Preparing common prospectus and brochures regarding culture and dissemination

5. Jointly Holding cultural fairs

6. Launching collaborative cultural, Quranic and research competitions and Olympiads

7. Running practical crash courses in cultural areas

8. Verifying certificates issued by the sides concerning cultural programs

9. Doing common cultural and sightseeing tours

10. Exchanging cultural products such as films, magazines, books, and CDs

11. Holding common dialogues regarding culture and civilization

12. Holding joint programs in the sport fields, students societies and other extracurricular programs

13. Expanding and disseminating the religious viewpoints in the world in scientific and religious areas through books, publications, websites and others,


Clause 4: Cooperation in the field of communication

1. Exchanging books, publications, scientific documents and using the libraries and information centers

2. Holding joint conferences and meetings

3. Holding joint fairs

4. Facilitating faculty member’s and researchers’ access to the scientific documents and works available in the libraries of both sides

5. Facilitating invitation of academic personalities and outstanding cultural and academic individuals as well as faculty members and researchers in international academic conferences

6. Introducing, distributing and publishing the works and scientific products via proper means

7. Bilateral visits by sides’ management

Clause 5: Cooperation in the administration and headquarter level

1. Entering into contract for the clauses (1,2,3,4) and swiftly providing stated services

2. Attempting to get the license for translating books and papers and publishing them

3. Providing necessary situation for the research activities of lecturers and researchers who can take advantage of the services based on the conditions stipulated in this agreement

Note: Any clause not mentioned in this agreement can be considered as a field of cooperation provided both sides agree upon and be interested in.

Clause 6: Duration

This agreement is operational once signed and sealed by both sides and will be valid until the time the sides are willing to carry out the clauses stipulated herein.

Clause 7: Representatives

On behalf of Al-Mustafa, the Relations and International Department and on behalf of ………………….will officially represent and follow up execution of the agreement.


Clause 8: Fees

The sides inform each other of the fees and financial issues in advance and after reaching agreement on the amount and terms of payments, carry out the issues incurring costs. The agreements shall be reached based on different financial issues separately.

Clause 9: Dispute

All the disputes entered into during execution of this agreement or other contracts based on this agreement shall be mediated by the management of ………………….and Al-Mustafa or through referring to a mutually-agreed-upon arbitrator.

This agreement including 9 clauses and 1 note, in three original copies, signed and sealed by the managements of both sides in ……………………………and will be operational as of the stated date.

Signed by:

President of Al-Mustafa International University ……………….

Signature: signature: