Among other research activities, is holding local and international scientific conferences and seminars. These activities are aimed at extending relations with other scientific centres of the world, production and spread of knowledge, theorisation in Islamic and Human sciences, etc…

Al-Mustafa University has hitherto held more than 2000 conferences and seminars in Iran and other countries. It is also worth mentioning that the University has participated in international conferences and seminars in several countries such as the UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Kenya and Tanzania.

In order to encourage, motivate and guide participation in the local and international scientific conferences, the quarterly “Conference Calendar” is produced and sent to the units and the academic staff, professors and  4th and 5th level and PhD students.


The most significant conferences and seminars held inside Iran and abroad

No Title Organizer
1  Qur’an scientific theorisation Iran
2  Hermeneutics and paraphrase Iran
3  Islam and secularism Iran
4  Iran and Russia cultural relations with emphasize on publication of Koshkin’s works in Iran Iran
5  Strategic role of universities and hawzas in evolution of world’s power geometry Iran
6  Soul from the view point of science and philosophy Iran
7  International congress of human sciences Iran
8  Islam and the contemporary requirements in the economic field Iran
9  Religious share valuation with an approach to benefiting from civilizational results and religions’ comparative studies Iran
10  Iranian capital management with an approach towards human resources management Iran
11  Methodology of Islamic studies in the American universities Iran
12  Woman, hawza, identity talk Iran
13  Commonalities between Islam and Christianiaty Iran
14  The subject of the Islamic ethics rational and contemporary challenges Iran
15  A look at the subject of creation of intellect from the perspective of history and narratives in Islam Iran
16  Secularism and theocracy in Islam and Christianity Georgia
17  Islam’s role in the development of world peace Ghana
18  The civilizational position of science with regard to the Islamic and human sciences  Indonesia
19  Islam and Buddhism  Thailand
20  Peaceful coexistence of Islam and Indian religions India
21  Islamic philosophy and Western philosophy Albania
22  Religion, globalization and Islamic awakening Afghanistan
23  Celebration of Sayed Saied Akhtar Rizvi Tanzania
24  Nahj-ul-balagha and Imam Ali (AS) Turkey
25  Rational traditions and Islamic sciences education Russia
26  Role of religions in the creation of world peace Syria
27  Ghadeer in the light of Qur’an and Narratives  Sierra Leone
28  Symposium of dialogue among religions Philippines
29  Dialogues among religions Kosovo
30  Hermeneutics conference Lebanon
31  Study on Muslims’ situation in the West UK
32  Violence in Islam and Christianity Norway
33  International conference of the exemplary lady Senegal
34  Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and unity of the Islamic ummah  South Africa
35  Prophet’s revelation conference Cameroon
36  Role of the religion in expansion and progress of human civilization Kirgizstan
37  Progress with education, integration and synergy Iraq
38  Ghadeer conference Uganda
39  Future of the world from religions viewpoint Canada
40  Prophet’s tradition with a reference to Qur’an China