Scientific research support, contribution to knowledge and thinking in the field of Islamic and human sciences and fulfillment of the organization and its audiences’ needs is among the most important research objectives of Al-Mustafa University.

In order to achieve these goals, several research projects on different subjects are carried out that have given out many products and results. Some of such research projects are:


1. Theoretical investigation of principles of thought and ideology of Ikhwanul Muslimeen (Muslim Brotherhood) movements

2. NeoMutazilites and their difference with the old ones

3. The position of intellect and custom in deduction

4. History of the Hawzas and religious schools of Twelver Shias

5. Prof. Motahhari’s Qura’nic thoughts

6. Islamic philosophy in the modern world (Arabic section)

7. Theoretical investigation of principles of thought and ideology of Wahaabi movements

8. Theoretical investigation of principles of thought and ideology of Hizb ut-tahreer movements

9. Hermeneutics and logic of understanding Hadeeth

10. Sociology of the Islamic values

11. Position and role of Al-Mustafa University in the future of the Islamic world through   identification of possible opportunities and threats

12. Globalization and the future of the religious teachings, challenges and opportunities

13. Islam and civilization-forming capacities

14. Explanation and evaluation of different opinions on religious sciences in the world of Islam

15. Comparison between principles of jurisprudence and philosophy of the language and its impact on political thought of Islam

16. Critique and review of the social transformation theory from the viewpoint of Muslim  intellectuals

17. Designing the requirement-gathering model and its implementation in Al-Mustafa University

18. Critique and review on feminist thoughts of Fatema Mernissi

19. Future research with a religious approach

20. Islam’s political system

21. Social traditions in Qur’an and narratives

22. Studying the classification of sciences in Islam and the West

23. Reference text in the subject of religion’s philosophy

24. Selection of texts about epistemology in Islamic thought

25. Islamic banking

26. Translation of the preface and commentary of  Mulla Sadra’s “Iqaaz-un-naa’imeen”.

27. Translation of Ijtihad paradigm of religious science

28. Translation of the book Education and Training by Dr. Jamilah Alam-ul-huda

29. Reference text on the subject of women’s studies from an Islamic viewpoint

30. Studying, assessment and definition of properties of a good hawza and Islamic University.

31. Bibliography of education and training in Islam

32. Translation of the book The Active Factor in Training Order

33. Educational lessons of Imam Ali’s (AS) letter to Imam Hasan (AS)

34. Tradition of training in the Ahl-ul-Bait (AS): in training matters

35. The comprehensive system of evaluation and admission

36. The process and contextual evaluation of theses in Al-Mustafa University

37. Assessment of the contemporary Islamic thoughts

38. Sufiism in Islamic world

39. Codification and arrangement of the basic information about countries

40. Proposal on current status and codification of communication and cooperation strategies with Alawites

41. Identification of the international research centres

42. Encyclopedia of nations’ culture

43. Current status of the Khoja shia twelvers

44. Current status of Shias

45. Codification of the book “the nature and formation of Hawza’s evolution in building civilization”

46. History of the political jurisprudence evolution

47. Revival of the Islamic civilization