hese services include:

1. Accommodation provision

2. Accommodation subsidy, rent deposit, and marriage assistance

3. Travel subsidy

4. Educational subsidy and loan without interest

5. Healthcare and insurance services

6. Provision of general and practical education for families


1. Accommodation Provision

Residential units have been arranged for students, in order to provide the married students with comfort and privacy. In this section, in addition to the usage of capacities, expansionary projects, with the objective of addressing students’ needs, are also considered. Allotment of accommodation to married students takes place according to the specified priorities and the waiting list recorded at the units. Students of Al-Mustafa University receive accommodation services according to their marital status (house of residence or apartment).


1-1.Single students

The single students are accommodated either in the schools or in the relevant hostels and can stay there till the end of their studies. They also benefit from other facilities and appropriate food.

1-2.Married students

Those students of Al-Mustafa University who are married are provided with accommodation in two ways, receiving an accommodation and being granted with accommodation deposit.


2. Accommodation subsidy, rent deposit, and marriage assistance

Considering the insufficiency of the facilities for fulfilling the needs of all applicants, accommodation subsidy is granted to some of the students who have not received accommodation provided by the University.

On the other hand, based on some of the conditions and priorities, a number of students who have not been received accommodation provided by the University, are granted with housing deposit.

In addition, in order to persuade and encourage students of Al-Mustafa University towards the honorable tradition of marriage, some limited facilities and assistances are offered that include giving loans and covering some of the initial expenses.


3. Travel Subsidy

Considering Al-Mustafa University’s annual budget and capacities and based on the travel rules and regulations, students, their spouses and children receive travel subvention during different levels of education, while those with specific prominence in various arenas such as memorizing the holy Qur’an, compilations, teaching and research, receive extra privileges.




4. Educational subsidy and loan without interest

Based on the educational scholarship regulations, students can receive a monthly educational subvention after admission. In addition, if they qualify, based on circumstances and priorities, they may also benefit from loan without interest.  


5. Healthcare and insurance services

The healthcare services of Al-Mustafa University include environmental hygiene, locations hygiene (schools and houses) as well as personal hygiene.

Before they start their studies, applicants go through a number of medical checkups and tests to ensure of their health and that they are not affected by any dangerous diseases. These medical examinations are repeated during their course of study according to the related regulations.

Resident doctors of housing complexes and schools also examine and treat patients and if necessary, refer them to a specialist for further medical procedures.

After passing the legal procedures, all students, their spouse and children may benefit from medical insurance facilities.


6. Provision of general and practical education for families

Considering that a large number of Al-Mustafa University students in Iran are married, their stay in the country, in coordination with the IRI Ministry of Education, is eased in a manner that their spouse and children enjoy the facility of studying in various general education levels (primary, secondary and high school) in special schools established by Al-Mustafa International University for non-Iranian students.

In addition, short-term courses of applied skills and crafts, such as computer, sewing, embroidery etc… to improve the housekeeping skills and social activities of students’ wives have been devised and are functioning.