Administrative Services

These include:

1. Applying and forwarding “student visa”;

2. Receiving admitted students and arranging their temporary accommodation;

3. Issuing and extending “student residence permit”;

4. Issuing “certificate of studying” in different languagesfor various institutions inside the country and abroad.                                         


1. Applying and Forwarding Student Visa

Prior to their arrival to the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is obligatory for students to obtain student visa. Al-Mustafa University completes this procedure, i.e. apply for student visa and forward it to the applicant, through the IRI Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2. Receiving Admitted Students and Arranging their Temporary Accommodation

Upon their arrival, the enrolled candidates are received and accommodated in Al-Mustafa University’s guesthouse. Simultaneously, official procedures related to their arrival and stay in Iran is taken care of.

3. Issuing and Extending Student Residence Permit

Student residence permit in the Islamic Republic of Iran is issued for a time period of six months or one year, which should be extended by the candidates at the end of the period.

Arrangements have been made for the students to apply for the extension of the residence permit within their educational center, while rest of the formal and administrative procedures will be followed by the passport unit, which will finally hand in the extended permit to the students.