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Academic groups

The main focal point of the educational activities of any academic institution is based on the performance of the academic groups including professors and academic staff. Therefore, Al-Mustafa University pays special attention to formation and development of academic groups, as currently 132 academic groups are active in the University, 16 of which are situated in foreign countries while 116 others are in the educational and research units within the country. These groups are comprised of group manager, education secretary, research secretary, training secretary and professors who are responsible for the educational, research, cultural and training affairs of the students and supervise their academic activities.

The managers of the academic groups are the distinguished professors of Hawza, Al-Mustafa University and are members of academic staff. They are designated on the post of management for two years by the suggestion of educational and training units and order of Al-Mustafa University chancellor.

The active academic groups of Al-Mustafa University are:

Ethics, religions and sects, economics, history of Islam, propagation and communication, interpretation and Qur’anic sciences, law, Arabic language and literature, Persian language and literature, French language and culture, Shia studies, Islamic mysticism, social sciences, training sciences, Narrative sciences, political sciences, sciences and techniques of recitations, general (Islamic studies), jurisprudence, economic jurisprudence, training jurisprudence, family jurisprudence, political jurisprudence, religious jurisprudence, judicial jurisprudence, comparative jurisprudence, jurisprudence and principles, jurisprudence and Islamic sciences, philosophy and theology, women’s studies and management.