Academic Resources

In order to preserve the academic succulence and dynamism of the educational centres and making the educational texts in accordance to today’s requirements, new educational texts should be compiled, and the existing texts should be assessed and edited based on the latest technological and educational achievements. Therefore, emphasis on these points is of utter importance to Al-Mustafa University because of the ethnical, cultural and language diversity among the students, also variety of subjects and educational inclinations. Until now, more than one thousand educational books have been compiled and prepared for different levels in Al-Mustafa University, some of which are in electronic form and are designed for the non-attendance virtual courses while a large number of them are for the attendance courses. 


Academic groups compile the required texts, using the latest world educational technologies and advanced methods of text compilation, and utilizing the experience of competent professors. Academic groups evaluate these works as they go through different stages of development.

Considering the needs of the scientific and educational centres of Al-Mustafa University, provision of educational texts in a variety of languages is of utter importance. To that end, the section of compilation of texts and educational sources has been made responsible for the compilation of texts in different languages with considerations given to language cultures.