Relations & International

Al-Mustafa University graduates are the flag bearers of the Islamic culture and the rich knowledge of Ahl-ul-Bait (AS) doctrine, all over the world. Presently, more than 25000 graduates of Al-Mustafa University are successful propagators and promoters of the teachings of Islam and culture of Ahl-ul-bait (AS) in scientific and cultural centres in different parts of the world and have achieved considerable success in their international activities.

Al-Mustafa University, based on its ultimate duty that is propagation of the pure Muhammadan Islam, has always been conscious of this great potential and follows various objectives and programs for graduates. Some of these are:

1. Creation of Graduates’ Database

In order to further utilize the great potential of the graduates, organizing their data is among the top priorities. Therefore, collection of graduates’ information, acquiring their latest status, and taking measures in order to keep the data up-to-date, are among the most important affairs related to the graduates.


2. Empowerment of Graduates

Certain programs have been taken into consideration aiming at increasing the theoretical and applied skills of the graduates, teaching specialised skills, group skills, self-reliance, general management and revising the subjects related to the activities of the graduate in order to maintain a consistent and targeted contact with them.

Forming alumni societies and holding conferences and seminars on international and regional levels in order to boost the spirit of group work and utilization of graduates’ experience, are among other activities in this regard. Several alumni societies have been formed in different countries and many conferences have been held with the participation of the successful graduates. Among other activities related to the graduates is to allocate a major part of the website of graduates to subjects useful for increasing their knowledge and information about the latest developments in scientific and cultural arenas of Iran and the rest of the world. The website is available for the graduates and other enthusiasts on the following address:


3. Utilization of Graduates’ Skills

By holding several meetings with Iranian and foreign scientific and cultural centres and presenting several reports of graduates’ knowledge and skills, the preparations have been made to apply and make use of their skills that match the scientific and cultural need of other centres. In some cases collaboration agreements have been signed with the aforementioned centres.

Various scientific and cultural activities of graduates’, as well as their sites and institutions are also supported.