Culture & Training

Based on various national and regional requirements of students, and with the purpose of making them capable of fulfilling their duties in a better manner, the International Al-Mustafa University has taken measures of assessing their needs, devising, setting standards, planning and undertaking applied courses. 

The general purpose of these courses is to increase the capability of applicability of the knowledge gained by the students and their families while paving the way for their useful participation in various cultural arenas, appropriate with society’s circumstances and needs.

1. Cultural Skills

 Item  Course title  Item  Course title
1  Cultural activities in virtual space 7  Methods of explaining the Sharia laws
2  Classroom management techniques (general) 8  Methods of teaching the Sharia laws (Classroom management for Sharia)
3  Cultural psychology 9  Methods of religious speech
4  Cultural sociology 10  Methods of interpersonal communication
5  Public opinion engineering 11  Methods of media speech
6  Methods of replying to questions 12  Methods of story telling


2. Media Skills

 Item  Course title  Item  Course title
1  Basics of media and communication 4  Media management
2  Film making 5  Play writing
3  Production management (specifically for radio and television programs) 6  Script writing


3. Literary Skills

Item  Course title Item  Course title
1  Literary theories 6  Literary criticism
2 Editing 7  Introduction to literary and art schools of thought
3  Essay writing 8  Introduction to children’s literature
4  Report writing 9  Story writing (short story, long story, novel)
5  Oration and speech


4. Artistic Skills

Item  Course title Item  Course title
1  Basics of visual arts 4  Photography (introduction to tools, learning techniques, workshop)
2  Sketching (basic, advanced, techniques) 5  Graphics (basic, subjects, graphic workshop)
3  Painting (techniques, subjects) 6  Calligraphy (Nasta’leeq, Shikasteh nasta’leeq, Thulth, Naskh, other Arabic styles)


5. Healthcare and Hygiene Skills

Item  Course title Item  Course title
1  Personal hygiene 4  Traditional medicine
2  First aid 5  Healthy living skills
3  Rescue


6. Legal Skills

Item  Course title Item  Course title
1  Cognition and entitlement to citizen rights 3  Governments’ political structure from a comparative perspective
2  Personal affairs 4  International law


7. Management Skills

Item  Course title Item  Course title
1  Cultural management with approach to religious schools 6  Communication skills
2  Principles and rules of group work 7  Negotiation skills
3  Organization skills 8  Operational planning
4  Control and monitoring skills 9  Modern management training
5  Leadership skills


8. Vocational Skills

Item  Course title Item  Course title
1  Computer course 8  Embroidery (for women)
2  Internet course 9  Flower making (for women)
3  Weblog writing 10  Cooking (for women)
4  Imaging 11  Carpet designs(for women)
5  Wood perforation 12  Artificial plant making (for women)
6  Wood carving 13  Table arrangement (for women)
7  Sewing (for women) 14  Baking (for women)