Honoring the status of science and scientists, is among the teachings of the religion that has been emphasized on in the Holy Qur’an and narratives of the infallibles. In the Islamic hawzahs, the scholars and experts with their immaculate intentions and indefatigable sublime spirit, make constant efforts to propagate the pure Islamic sciences, while many of them have remained anonymous or have not been introduced to the world in a manner they deserve. Therefore, bringing such sages and experts into the limelight and honoring their valuable services, is a responsibility of hawzas and scientific and cultural institutions.

norder to identify the high ranking and effective scholars of the world and honoring their valuable services and activities, Al-Mustafa University, which is a scientific institution and a hawza with a great responsibility on an international level, holds an annual international conference under the title of “Al-Mustafa International Award”, in which the enduring figures of hawza are honored and awarded.