Optimum utilization of facilities, capacities and increasing research collaborations with world education and research centres in their subjects of interest, are among the fundamental methods for stable scientific expansion.

One of the research policies of Al-Mustafa University is utilization of this method for successful fulfillment of its duties and achieving goals. The most important subjects in collaboration with educational and research centres of the world are:

1. Establishment of shared research unit on subjects of mutual concern and interest, such as comparative studies;

2. Identification and introduction of specialists and researchers who can fulfil the needs of both sides;

3. Support and preparation for utilization of both sides’ spaces and hardware and software facilities in research arena; 

4. Admission of the eligible persons of the two sides for internship programs;

5. Exchange of resources, books, documents and specialised scientific data (books, specialised journals, articles, theses, software, etc…)

6. Collaborationfor participation in scientific gatherings of each other’s home country;

7. Collaborationin holding mutual scientific research seminars and conferences.

8. Collaborationin translation and publication of scientific research books and articles.

9. Collaborationin undertaking joint research projects.