Considering the importance of research in Islamic and Human sciences, professors and students of Al-Mustafa University perform various research activities in its research centres and research faculties and also in its education and training units, resulting into compilation and translation of thousands of titles of books and articles and holding of hundreds of scientific conferences and seminars.

The research units of Al-Mustafa University in Iran and other countries that perform the above activities, are mentioned in the table below:

Some of the published books are:


Book title

Understanding the principles and methods of translating the Qur’an (a summary of the book: The Logic of Qur’an Translation) Persian
The miracle of Qur’an from the viewpoint of orientalists Persian
Introduction to Westerners’ orientalism and Islamology Persian
Islam and liberal democracy Persian
Confrontation between Islamic civilization and modernity Persian
Woman’s personality and rights in Islam (in 3 volumes) Persian
Epistemology of religious beliefs from the viewpoint of Morteza Motahhari and Alvin Plantinga Persian
Critique of hermeneutical principles of the theory of different interpretations of the religion Persian
Relationship between power and justice in political jurisprudence Persian
Examination of the proportion of wisdom and faith from viewpoints of Averroes, Mulla Sadra and Immanuel Kant Persian
History of the western philosophy Persian
Role of the crusades in transferring the Islamic civilization to the West Persian
International Islamic rights Persian
Ashoura’s dialectical relation with the environmental crises Persian
Introduction to the great religions Persian
Methodological approach to the philosophy of religion Arabic
The Islamic theory of training and education Arabic
Modernization of religious thinking in Iran Arabic
Christianity in Iran, a study in the origins and reality Arabic
Jews in Iran, a historical and social study Arabic
Doctrine and jurisprudence: Elements of rooting, regeneration and modernization Arabic
Islamic rationalism and moderntheology/speech Arabic
Reasoning of intellect in the Twelver Shias Arabic
Woman’s figure, a study of the Islamic civilization form Arabic
Woman’s position in Islam’s political system Arabic
The intellectual foundations of the Islamic revolution of Iran Arabic
Shaikh Mahmood Shaltout, a study of his experiences in reform and unity Arabic
Edward Saied, orientalism critic; a study of his thoughts and his legacy Arabic
Human rights; context studies and challenges of reality Arabic
Theology and history; problematic beliefs in Islamic historical writings Arabic
A Theory of Religious Democracy English
Divine Manifestations English
Encyclopaedia of the World of Islam English
On the Hermeneutics of the Light Verse of the Qur’an English
Qur’anic Sciences English
Shining Sun: In Memory of ‘Allamah Tabatabai’ English
The Elements of Islamic Metaphysics English
The Spread of Islam English
Training & Education in Islam English
The Return to Being English
Qur’an and the holy household’s(AS) teachings Urdu
The just system of Islam Urdu
Intercession Pashto
Logical stances on Waahabi beliefs Pashto
Nahj-ul-Balaghah Uyghur
Letters of the commander of the faithful (AS) French
Philosophy of ethics French
An introduction to Saheefa Sajjadiyyah Italian
Shia attributes Italian
In His companionship German
A look at Christianity and answers to doubts Tajik
Woman’s status in narratives Tajik
Religious Pluralism and the reality of multiplicity Azeri
Wisdom, belief and anthropology; Questions and answers Azeri
Islamic beliefs in the light of Qur’an, Hadeeth and wisdom Turkish
Return to the era of religion Turkish
Teaching concepts in Qur’an Uzbek Turkish
Simplified Qur’anic stories Russian
In search of the saved sect Russian
History of Hadeeth narrative Bengali
What a muslim woman should know Bengali
Training on methodic teaching of the principles of Islamic belief Hausa
Wahabiyyat; principles of thought and practical reputation Hausa
History of Islam; Life of Hazrat Fatima (SA) Fulani
Life of the leaders; a look at the social, political and cultural life of the infallible Imams (AS) Fulani
Our belief Hindi
Intercession Indonesian
Logical stances on Wahaabi beliefs Indonesian
Woman’s status from Imam Khumaini’s viewpoint Thai
The history of Shia and their beliefs Tamil
Shia gives answers Filipino
Teaching Shari’ah rules Filipino