1. Improving and expanding applied and strategic studies in order to provide software and planning infrastructures which are demand-orientated, mission-orientated and up-to-date researches;

2. Supporting research activities according to thinking, social and cultural requirements of the world of Islam;

3. Building bridges between Iran’s Islamic schools (Hawzah), specially the Hawzah Ilmiyyah Qum, and the world scientific arenas, especially that of the world of Islam;

4. Setting arrangement for theorisation chairs and exchange of ideas;

5. Making arrangement of and participation in holding international scientific conferences and seminars;

6. Paying attention to scientific arena in virtual and media spaces.

7. Reinforcing information elicitation by improving and expanding the information centre, publication of magazines, scientific societies, specialised libraries, comprehensive library of non-Iranian scholars, specialised international library, database for Islamic researchers and translators worldwide and exhibition of their works;

8. Making efforts for identification of scientific research institutes, elites and scholars, and communicating and cooperating with them;

9. Expanding research programs and activities to the abroad units and to graduates and creating research based institutes;

10. International, contextual, scientific and formal expansion (attendance and non-attendance);

11. Defining directions of researches during training;

12. Deepening and developing the spirit of thinking and research among students, graduates and their families and making efforts for training high-level international researchers in various specializations;

13. Developing and reinforcing regional researches and deepening of understanding of cultures and civilizations in order to achieve regional strategies

14. Making efforts for granting internships to elites and professors of international scientific institutes;

15. Providing scientific and educational support to the professors of religious schools and hawzas all over the world.