Short-term Courses and Internships (considering the text ‘internship’ is more appropriate than ‘sabbatical opportunities’)     
Short-term courses and internships are designed with the purpose of raising the level of wisdom and knowledge of the scholars of the world of Islam.
The institute of Short-term Courses of Al-Mustafa University, has held hundreds of courses in different languages in general, applied, and special levels for more than 50 thousand students. In addition, in order to further familiarity with the Islamic sciences and teachings of Ahl-ul-Bait (AS), hundreds of non-Iranian researchers and professors from world’s scientific and cultural centres, have been granted with internships for research activities in Islamic subjects.
Raising the level of knowledge and skills of cultural activists, providing basis for research on Islamic teachings for the educated people of the world of Islam and paving the way for introduction of Islamic sciences to those interested and youth, are the most important objectives of the short-term courses.
One of the specialties of this institution is to hold courses in different languages and to benefit from subject matter experts with command of languages.