Non-attendance or virtual courses open the doors of learning opportunity to a large number of enthusiasts. Provisions offered by Al-Mustafa University support a great number of interested individuals who are not able to attend the conventional classes due to various reasons. Therefore, with the purpose of expansion of the pure Islamic teachings on international arena, Al-Mustafa University launched its virtual education unit in 2003.

Al-Mustafa virtual university offers its virtual courses to interested individuals around the world on   

Hitherto, candidates from more than 100 countries have applied for Al-Mustafa University’s virtual courses. This includes 33 Asian, 12 American, 26 European, 29 African, and 2 Oceania countries.

Presently students from more than 70 ethnicities are studying in Al-Mustafa virtual university. The virtual university has designed and produced hundreds of e-books, electronic educational texts, and tens of educational software.

The academic groups of the virtual university are :

1. Ethics

2. Persian language and literature

3. Islamic studies

4. Qur’anic studies

5. Jurisprudence and law,

6. General (Islamic sciences)





Subjects of Al-Mustafa Virtual University
Postgraduate First Degree 2-years diploma
Islamic Ethics with Philosophy of Ethics Theme (Persian and English) Islamic Jurisprudence (Persian and Arabic) Language and Islamic Sciences
Islamic Ethics with Applied Ethics Theme (Persian) Qur’an and Hadeeth Sciences (Arabic and Urdu)  
Qur’an Interpretation and Sciences (Persian, Arabic and English)