Educational and training, research and cultural units connected to Al-Mustafa International University are as follows:

1.Subordinate units:

Subordinate units follow Al-Mustafa University in policies, course, regulations and organizations and have no independent legal entity; complete coverage and administration is provided for them by the University.

2.Affiliated units:

The affiliated units administratively belong to Al-Mustafa University and follow its rules, and based on the administrative requirements, have an independent entity.

3.Connected Units:

The connected units, with the purpose of realization of Al-Mustafa University’s goals, are established with the cooperation of individuals or legal entities and follow the policies and have an independent legal entity. Most of these centres are supported in the fields of content and software, and by implementing Al-Mustafa University’s programs, they receive certain services.

4.Cooperating units:

Al-Mustafa University signs contracts with the cooperating units, after which they specially work for the university and implement parts of its educational and research activities.