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In the Name of God the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
For the attention of students who took part in the exams by Al-Mustafa International University
The applicants invited for the interview, please notice the followings:
1.       All the invited applicants (exam taken on March 2008 and July 2009) who don’t know their results can call +98 7736277-0251 from September 1, through September 6, 2009 from 10 until 12.30 am to find out about their results.
2.       All the applicants who did not submit their complete documents should go (in person or through their official representative) to the following address with the following documents.
Address: Office room Number No.: 116, second floor, Admission Office, Al-Mustafa University, Amin Boulevard, Qom.
3.        Once the student’s file is complete, the university proceeds with registering students and introduces them to the relevant faculty at the beginning of the 2009-2010 Academic Year. Therefore those applicants who have an offer should follow up their programs with their faculties.
Note: Delay in submitting may result in omission.
Required documents:
1.       Copy of ID (all pages) with the original copy
2.       Copy of National ID card
3.       Original copy and copy of academic degree
a.        For postgraduate: Academic documents equal to second seminary level or graduate degree issued by credible academic institutes along with certificate of completion of first level (or upper) of seminary
b.       For graduate: certificate of level one seminary school
c.        For post-high school diploma: high school graduation certificate
4.       Copy of the card indicating status of military service status (exemption or completion of service)
5.       Original copy of bank receipt for Rial 200,000 to the account owned by Al-Mustafa International University
6.       Four –recently taken passport pictures
Please use the following e-mail for your enquiries: