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In the name of God
Doctoral Admission Notice:
Al-Mustafa International University offers the following doctoral programs to the Non-Iranian qualified postgraduate students. Applicants must pass the entrance exam in one of the following programs and fields:
a.        Programs:
·         History of Islamic Civilization
·         Comparative Hadith Studies
·         Islamic Philosophy
·         Contemporary Theological Schools in the World of Islam
·         Judicial Jurisprudence
·         Economic Jurisprudence
·         Political Jurisprudence
·         Islamic Jurisprudence
·         Worshipping Jurisprudence
·         Family Jurisprudence
·         Principles of Islamic Law
·         Jurisprudence and Islamic Teachings in the Following Fields:
o   History of Islam
o   Islamic Theology
o   Commentary and Quranic Sciences
o   Islamic Philosophy
·         Quran and Sciences in the Following Fields:
o   Law
o   Social Sciences
o   Healthcare
·         Islamic Theology (only for female students in Qom and For Male students in Mashhad)
·         Comparative Commentary (only for female students in Qom and For Male students in Mashhad)
b.       Qualifications:
·         Applicants must be students of Al-Mustafa International University
·         Applicants must not have any legal restriction for continuing education
·         Applicants must be physically capable for the program and should not have any moral or social negative record
·         Applicants must have competency in Farsi language along with one of the following languages: Arabic, English and French
·         Applicants must possess Master degree with a minimum average of B (i.e. 73%)
·         Applicants master’s dissertation mark should be higher than 73%
·         Applicants must be less than 35 years of age *
·         Applicants’ maximum academic years must be less than 12 years before submitting application *
1.       Applicants not having the qualifications marked by (*), but have Olympiad, or outstanding records in teaching, or dissemination outside their home countries can fill out the special forms designed for this purpose and their qualifications will be assessed based on their individual merits.
2.       Applicants who will defend their dissertation as of March 2010 as well as those who have an offer in the last 2 years can also apply.
c.        Required documents:
·         Completed application form
·         A copy of computer student ID
·         Two passport size pictures
·         Master Degree or the dissertation’s date of defend
·         Transferring Rial 50,000 to the bank account  19/1570092 owned by the Al-Mustafa International University
d.       Deadline:  October 20, 2009
e.        Applicants should deliver the required documents and application forms to the Al-Mustafa University
f.        Date of Exam: December 17, 2009
g.       Date and venue of receiving the ID clearance for entering the exam hall: from December 12, through December 16, 2009, at 13-13 pm.
Venue: Office room: 117, Examination Department, Second floor, Al-Mustafa International University main building, Mo’alem Street, Qom.
§ The exams will be held only for the programs reaching the limit
§ The incomplete documents will not be processed and the documents will not be delivered back
§ For further information regarding the exam, please call +98 251 7177765
Education Department
2009-2010 Academic Year- Examination and Admission Office