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In his trip to Russia and visiting the Islamic University of Kazan, Ayatollah A’arafi, the President of Al-Mustafa International University invited Dr. Muhammad Shin, the President of Kazan University to pay a visit to academic and cultural centers in the Islamic Republic of Iran especially the Al-Mustafa International University. Accordingly Dr. Mohammad Shin and his colleague Mr. Mohammad Malikov had a trip to Iran on June 5, 2009.
During 4-days stay in Iran, the delegation visited the historical buildings, academic and cultural centers in different cities, including Qom, Isfahan, and Kashan and also met with some of the academic and religious personalities. Followings are the schedule of their tour in Iran:
In the City of Qom:
  •       Being received in Imam Khomeini Airport
  •         Visiting the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Masume (s.a)
  •         Meeting with Ayatollah A’arafi, the President of Al-Mustafa International University
  •        Visiting the residence of Imam Khomeini in the city of Qom
  •        Visiting the Large Printing House of the Quran
  •        Visiting Imam Khomeini University based in Qom
  •         Visiting Imam Khomeini Daneshestan (Virtual University)
  •        Visiting Ayatollah Mar’ashi Najafi Library
  •         Visiting Ayatollah Golpaygani School and Babeweyh historical cemetery
  •     Visiting Imam Hassan Asgari (a.s) Mosque
  •          Visiting the Qom Bazaar
  •      Participating in the Qom Friday Prayer
  •         Meeting with Ayatollah Mowsawi Lari and visiting his institute
In the City of Isfahan
  •         Visiting the historical Imam Square
  •          Visiting Vang Church
  •        Visiting Shah Abbasi Hotel
  •          Visiting the Si-o-se Pol Bridge
  •          Visiting the Isfahan Bazaar
In the City of Kashan
  •         Visiting the Bagh-e Fin historical palace
  •       Visiting the historical residences
  •          Visiting Ayatollah Namazi, the Deputy of the Leader in Kashan
  •          Visiting the Golab Giri, the traditional extraction of rose water in the city of Qamsar
  •     Being officially seen off in Imam Khomeini Airport June 9, 2009