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Al-Mustafa International University Hosted Female academic staff of Mahad Al-Uloom Al Islamiyah
based in Denmark. The Al-Mustafa University ran a crash course for the participants and the following programs were arranged for them:
  •  Conference on ‘’Position of Women in Islam and Western Schools’’ held in Short-Term Programs Institute
  •  Visiting Al- Al-Bayt Institute
  •  Participating in educational classes
  •  Visiting Ayatollah Mar’ashi Najafi’s Library
  •  Visiting the Residence of Imam Khomeini in Qom
  •  Visiting the tomb of Karbalayee Kadhim
  •  Visiting Bayt Al-Noor
  •   Visiting Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences
  • Visiting the Ahl ul Bait (a.s) World Assembly
  • Viewing the movie titled, ‘’Fetneh’’ and analyzing and critiquing it
  •  Visiting Jamiat al-Zahra (s.a) School
  •  Visiting Bent Al-Huda School
  •  Visiting the Institute of Ayatollah Mowsawi Lari
  • Meeting with the directors of Al-Mustafa International University