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Thanks to constant efforts of international cooperation office- international department of Al-Mustafa University regarding membership of Al-Mustafa University in three credible international association namely,  FUIW-IAU- AUAP, Al-Mustafa University is now the official member of International Association of University Presidents.

Membership of Al-Mustafa University in IAUP is a new achievement of Al-Mustafa University in international level. Association of IAUP facilitates academic exchange between presidents of member universities through conferences, seminars, publications, and work groups and commissions.

Objectives of IAUP

To provide a worldwide vision of higher education.

To strengthen the international mission of institutions throughout the world. 

To promote academic exchange and collaboration. 

To make every effort so that the voice of educational leaders is heard.

To promote networking and collaboration between leaders of universities, supporting sustainable development in a context of global competency.

To promote peace and international understanding through education

IAUP is a NGO providing consultancy services for UNESCO.

Major activities of IAUP include:

Regional Councils: that deal with international and regional issues, factors impacting education, and future challenges of higher education. Members gather every three years to discuss challenges and changes in higher education.

Magazine: entitled Luxmondi, published three times a year in English, Chinese and Spanish. The magazine covers researches conducted by workgroups, conference proceedings and other relevant issues.

Workgroups: IAUP/UN Commission on Disarmament Education, Conflict Resolution and Peace

The IAUP works with United Nations Department of Public Information and have a joint radio station and following sections: ICT Commission working with the World Bank, relation of industry and university, quality and rating commission, sustainable development, heritage project and relation and quality improvement group.

Current IAUP leadership 2011-2014

Michael Adams, USA IAUP President

Neal King, USA  IAUP Secretary-General

Carmen Lamagna, Bangladesh

IAUP Treasurer