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students’ societies of Al-Mustafa University


cultural societies of Al-Mustafa International University were established during 1997. The societies are national and international groups managed by students who carry out diverse cultural activities.

During the first years, the societies were organized and supported by the Cultural Societies Office- Cultural- Ethical Training Department; however, in 1997 the societies were transferred to the schools and colleges and the Cultural Societies Office only supervises the societies and the schools and colleges support the societies.


The University’s support of the societies and his emphasis and encouragement for supporting the activities of the societies motivate the directors of the schools and colleges to provide different supports for the societies, e.g. facilities, finances, training, and consultancy.


The directors and planners of the university believe that the collective cultural activities are more effective than individual activities in organizations. If we have a look at our modern world we can realize the necessity of dealing with cultural activities in a collective way.


The major activities of the societies include: publishing magazines, organizing artistic and handicraft fairs, improving students’ cultural and social insight, producing audio and video products, translating films, and organizing tours.


The main audience of these societies are the Muslims living in Islamic countries. Some of these Muslims are the students who study in the seminary of Qom.


Al-Mustafa University’s policies and goals of forming such societies are:

Encouraging team-working spirit, improving students’ social and cultural understudying, supporting effective products, creating cohesion between students of different backgrounds, organizing team-working activities and developing the activities to become organizational activities.