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Islamic Republic of Iran held the first international fair for universities, educational institutes, technology, research and culture, titled, ‘’ UNIX’’ in the Republic of Tajikistan in 2009.   
As one of the major academic and research institutions of Islamic Republic of Iran, the Al-Mustafa International University participated in the fair along with 30 other Iranian universities; the fair ran from July 6, 2009 until July 9, 2009.

The Education Minister of Tajikistan, Dr. Abdul Jabbar Rahimov, made speech at the banquet held by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Embassy. Next to him is Dr. She’rdoost, Iran’s Ambassador in Tajikistan

Interior view of the Al-Mustafa International University’s Stall


Interior view of the Al-Mustafa International University’s Stall

Tajikistani visitors visiting MIU’s stall

Dr. Khoramshad, Deputy-Minister of Sciences, Research and Technology- Islamic Republic of Iran and the Director of Iran’s team, made speech at the opening ceremony of UNIX 2009 Fair.

Dr. Ardoosh, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Cultural Attaché in Tajikistan visited the MIU’s stall.

Minister of Education- Republic of Tajikistan, Dr. Abdulqader Rahmanov and Dr. Khoramshad and Dr. Dadashpoor, Director of Public Relations, Iran’s Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology visited the MIU’s stall.

Najafzadeh, reporter of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting in Dushanbe, was present at the MIU’s stall

Tajikistani visitors in front of the Al-Mustafa International University (MIU) stall
Republic of Tajikistan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister visited the MIU’s stall
Television interview held by the reporter of Chanel One-Tajikistan TV
Visitors in front of the Al-Mustafa International University
Meeting with the directors of Tajikistan’s Islamic University held in the MIU’s stall
Broad Picture of the MIU’s stall
Fair Space
Advertising Billboard for UNIX 2009 Fair located in the Samani Square- City of Dushanbe
 Interested visitors in the MIU’s stall