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MIU pays special attention to students’ health and wellbeing.  The University has provided sport facilities in all its schools so that students can spend their free time in participating in sport and fitness activities and take part in various games. The sport activities are as followings:
1.       Research and Studies:
The Al-Mustafa International University has analyzed the needs and required facilities for creating new sport programs and provided what is needed as training facilities. The MIU views sports as a means of boosting students’ morale.
2.       Training
Due to the population and variety of students who come from different parts of the world, the MIU has a vast potential to accommodate different sport interests. Besides, presence of some international students with professional sport skills has created the ideal situation for some sport activities and the MIU has taken advantage of these opportunities. Currently the MIU offers ten different sport facilities and training programs as followings:
Sport Programs:
Swimming, Karate, wrestling, body building, Wushu, Full Kickboxing, Judo, fitness, taekwondo, lifeguard practicing
Sport Advice:
Since sport activities play an import part in prevention and cure of many of the physical and mental diseases, the MIU has provided the facilities in the sport division and welcomes students with enquires and special needs.
Major facilities are: physiology, treating depression, sports nutrition, principles and basics of coaching, exercising, and fitness training.