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MIU’s Management Department
The management department works and reports directly to the management of the university. The department organizes and runs programs, visits, meetings, speeches, and sessions; it also coordinates the programs of management with other departments, organizations, and schools.
The management department includes the following:
1. Office of relations and coordination
2. Office of correspondences and special following-ups
3. Office of visits and meetings
4. Document center
Collecting and providing information and offering required reports to the management; carrying out the management orders; supervising and following up the management orders and preparing report for the management; also managing, coordinating and monitoring enforcement of ratification and bylaws notified by the management and safeguarding values and goals of the Al-Mustafa International University
1. delivering the order of the management to the individuals and affiliate units based on the determined method
2. preparing and presenting the records related to the meetings; preparing and summarizing the administrative reports of different sections required by the management; following up letters and correspondences and orders and finding about the results of them to be reported to the management
3. preparing the drafts of letters, reports and schedule of the meetings and other programs of the management
4. organizing the meetings and sessions and daily programs of the management and following up the requirements of the meetings
5. coordinating ceremonies for visits of national and international guests
6. filing, saving and documenting the meetings, visits and travels of the management
7. coordinating and facilitating the relation of management with the other directors and outstanding figures inside the countries and across the boundaries
8. Collecting information about individuals and institutions and establishing relation to them based on the orders and regulations
9. Receiving letters, documents and correspondents sent to the management and registering the summary of them until reaching the final stage
10. Preparing and proposing the long-term, and middle-term annual budget and presenting the performance report of the management department to the related directors
1. Organizing and coordinating the relations of the management with other departments and sections of the headquarter and schools
2. Establishing relation and coordinating with administration and schools
3. Comparatively analyzing the schools’ reports and that of the administration based on the goals, programs, bylaws, strategies, and regulations and presenting analytical reports to the management
4. Analyzing and proposing improved organizational structure for the department