About US

Constant improvement of human resources according to the requirements of the target societies as well as achievement of human resources’ standards and ideal organization.
1. Creating a collective identity in the organization and establishing a dynamic organizational culture that is based cooperation and that transforms based on divine teachings and Islamic management
2. Endeavoring to be respectful of academic staff, employees and their families
3. Having special attention to the principles of commitment, skills and meritocracy when employing, and evaluating human resources; and employing the genius employees in proportion to the approach of nurturing the potential staff
4. Motivating and encouraging all staves including contract-basis, hourly-basis and other employees
5. Improving the employees’ skills and knowledge according to the Comprehensive Approved System and by using the model of learning organizations and offering the study opportunities and classes for improving skills as well as scholarships to the employees.
6. Systematic and goal-oriented exchange of experiences between employees in the headquarter and schools within national boundaries and across borders
7. Emphasizing adaptation of management and staff in national and international schools while considering strategic issues and macro-policies
8. Establishing and improving the comprehensive system of employments, benefits and wages of staff and faculty members
9. Evaluating staffs based on team work abilities and according to the modern models of organizational behavior