About US

Managing the network of relationship and dissemination of the Al-Mustafa University in the changing international domain
1. Active and effective participation in regional and national academic and cultural institutions particularly the Islamic and seminary institutions and introducing the Al-Mustafa University as an international academic and education center
2. Constant, wise, active and vigilant dissemination via all types of mass media means and in accordance with complexities, requirements and based on particular audience in the international seminaries and inside the country
3. Trying to make the MIU’s degrees credible in other institutions around the world
4. Utilizing technology while taking the seminary values into consideration, providing the learners, lecturers and related experts with required information and effective participation in international media networks while preserving educational, cultural and research objectives
5. Laying the foundation for expanding electronic relation with research centers and academic and cultural institutes and expanding the world wide web among seminary students
6. Attending to the students’ affairs regarding their education, research, cultural issues, dissemination; creating and developing data bases of the graduates as well as the information bank of dissemination and disseminating dispatches
7. Formulating policies and organizing the MIU’s affiliate websites through while academic and educational approach
8. Developing the system of research and analysis of information and analyzing the dispatched teams, managers, academic staff, experts and the viewpoints of the learners and presenting them in proper formats to the related authorities
9. Monitoring the international developments related to MIU and according to the mission of the MIU and presenting the information packages to different sections
10. Cooperating with different administrative sections in order to formulate regional strategies
11. Emphasizing ‘’principle of graduation’’ in all the academic levels and encouraging students to return to their home countries after graduation and getting involved in religious, cultural and academic activities