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The educational systems of the world are advancing and the academic institutions constantly try to improve their systems to the benefit of the learners. Al-Mustafa University has also endeavored to adapt its services to the needs of the Islam world and attempted to improve its programs qualitatively and quantitatively. Followings are the major improvements regarding this section:

Mission of Education Department:

Expansion and improvement of the educational system according to the diverse needs of the Islam world and based on the original religious foundations and academic criteria.



1. Constant improvement of educational system based on ‘’the religious philosophy of education’’ and ‘’the latest scientific developments’’;  

2. Improving ethical and educational standards and preserving the students’ spirit in different educational levels emphasizing safeguarding originalities and seminary traditions;

3. Developing a coherent educational system with specific application for all the levels providing the option of graduation in any given level

4. Creating varieties and expanding the Islamic and humanities programs and analyzing and offering plans for all the programs and fields

5. Expanding the short-term programs, virtual programs, part-time courses, and programs in the fields of Islamic religions and sects and female education

6. Attending to courses which are tailored for genius students based on their strategic positions in international arenas

7. Making the programs practical (research skills, managerial skills as well as intellectual and social leadership, Quranic skills and so forth) in proportion to the learners’ responsibilities and needs

8.  Emphasizing on developing the participants’ skills in the widely-used languages particularly Arabic language

9. Creating a consistent coordination between the affiliate schools in Iran and across the boundaries and distributing the programs and the fields in different regions appropriately adapting the affiliates’ educational system with concentration on national schools, higher education and specialized programs

10. Emphasizing on developing the faculties and academic groups in schools and affiliate centers

11.  Attention to satisfaction of the learners and academic staff in all the programs

12. Making effort toward employing fulltime academic staff who possess such characters as worldwide views, outstanding academic works and attention to their academic growth and their skills

13. Encouraging academic staff to participate in developing educational programs

14. Endeavoring to train local lecturers via organizing complementary programs, short-term courses, practical courses and running relevant courses and programs

15. Improving the dissertations and guiding the dissertation topics toward the international needs of the Islamic world and Islamic countries

16. Laying the groundwork for the virtual educational system and expanding it for the interested students throughout the world especially servicing the graduates through coordinating with international affiliated schools

17. Creating a system of academic assessment and improving the supervision of educational areas

18. Making efforts to provide home and international students with official and credible certificates

19. Paving the way for state organizations of Islamic Republic of Iran to take advantage of the experiences and capacities of Al-Mustafa University