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Relying on the limitless power of God, favors and attentions of Hazrat Baqiyatallah and organizational determination and endeavor and in line with establishment of culture of pure Islam, the Quranic teachings and Ahle Bayt (a.s), reviving Islamic civilization and expanding Islamic sciences worldwide and 2025 perspective, Al-Mustafa International University is a dynamic institute and outstanding among Islamic academic centers, inspiring, having scientific-religious orientation which has an effective and substantial presentation in knowledge-acquiring fields in international strategic locations through  generating internationally recognized thoughts, training knowledgeable, refined, and responsible students who are effective in international scientific-religious occasions.    





Al-Mustafa International University is an academic institution with a seminary identity that is active in education, training, research, culture, and dissemination worldwide.

Relying on knowledgeable, skillful, initiative staff who are sensitive to cultures and possess universal views. This institution uses experiences, modern technologies, insists upon preserving and improving traditional, seminary-based methods, trains devout, responsible, time oriented religious scholars in Islamic and humanities fields, introduces, produces and publicizes religious thoughts, and supports seminary schools which are effective in religious and scientific fields so as to fulfill the need of those who have a thirst for Islamic teachings, the Quranic guidance, the Prophet’s (s.a) tradition and the Ahle Beyt (s.a) school and Islamic Revolution values.