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Besides educational programs, the MIU has arranged entertainment programs with cultural approach in order to increase the students’ efficiency, motivating and encouraging students, increasing students’ mental and physical health and expanding their team working ability.  The major activities include:
Arranging Ceremonies and gatherings
 On national and religious occasions special programs and ceremonies are arranged for the students and their families, with an eye to improving students’ team working skills, expanding the Islamic values and creating a pleasant atmosphere for the stundets.
Holding conferences and Gatherings:
The MIU’s aims and objectives of these types of conferences and gatherings is facilitating students’ and their family’s cultural growth, introducing them the current developments, and helping them participate in collective activities.
Visiting Prominent Individuals:
The MIU arranges visits and meetings with prominent scholars due to the fact that outstanding religious and scientific thinkers have considerable influence on the students as role models. After such visits students are encouraged to endeavor more in order to increase their academic skills and improve their moral attitudes.