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As for the necessity of improving students’ skills in Quran related fields, a collection of Quranic activities has been arranged in 6 areas. The fields include memorizing the Quran, reading comprehension of the Quran, becoming accustomed to the Quran, and expanding education and culture of the Quran.    
Areas of Quranic Activities:
1.       Quranic Researches
1.1.     Fundamental and practical studies such as analyzing modern methods of teaching the Quran, disseminating the culture of the Quran and arranging Quranic ceremonies, festivals and competitions.
1.2.     Assessing the students’ needs concerning the Quranic programs and analyzing the skills with respect to the Quranic sciences
1.3.     Developing and collecting activities to be performed, such as teacher training courses, competitions and so forth
1.4.     Collecting regulations and guidelines concerning the Quranic activities
1.5.     Introducing the modules, credits and course units for the Quranic programs
1.6.     Providing and collecting texts and Quranic booklets, such as the ‘’Nasim-e Rahmat’’ magazine
 2.       Education:
Besides the Quranic programs which are run in syllabus of students in different courses, there are extracurricular activities covering Quranic skills and techniques in two fields:
1.       Teaching Quranic techniques and skills
2.       Running teacher training and dissemination courses in the field of the Quran
3. Quranic Competitions:
With an eye to creating a spiritual and constructive environment for the students as well as recognizing top students, showing gratitude to them and encouraging other student to acquire knowledge and the Quranic skills, the annual Quranic competitions in the field of memorization and commentary are arranged and held. The MIU has so far held 10 competitions in MIU’s schools and centers. The Fajr (dawn) Competitions are the most important ones for the students.
The Quran commentary and comprehension competitions are also held annually and the competitors are also interested in these areas.
4.  Quranic Ceremonies and Gatherings
The Quranic gatherings, meetings and conferences in the general and specialized levels have been appealing to the students; however, the most interesting cultural programs are the ‘’Nights with Quran’’ as well as the tours (pilgrimage and sightseeing).
 5. Counseling and the Quranic Relations
The Quranic activities division pays attention to removing students’ problems, answering questions and taking care of their problems. The major areas in this section are:
5.1 Answering the questions and Quranic problems
5.2 Guiding students and improving their managerial skills in the field of Quran
5.3 Testing Quran and Nahj Al-Balaqe memorization and issuing certificate for the successful students
5.4 Establishing relation between MIU and Quran-related personalities in Iran and across the boundaries and taking advantage of their experiences
6. Dispatching Quran Teachers:
In order to disseminate the culture of Quran for the Muslims and within Muslim countries and based on the request of the countries and different regions, qualified Quran teachers are dispatched to the countries. Accordingly, from 2002 to 2008 as many as 200 Iranian and non-Iranian teachers were send to different countries to expand the culture of Quran.