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Ethical training and educating students is one of the areas the Al-Mustafa International University gives weight to. The ethical trainings contain various dimensions and aspects due to culture’s extent and complex attributes.   
Followings are the main aims taken to consideration for cultural and ethical training programs:
1.       Training and educating students based on Islam and in the intellectual, worshipping, ethical, social, political, cultural and artistic fields, through taking advantage of the Quranic culture and the School of Ahl-e Bayt (a.s)
2.       Improving students’ spiritual and cultural insight according to Islamic values
3.       Instructing modern cultural-practical skills, such as poem, writing article, story, play, film, and others,
4.       Preparing students for the modern life and its complexities through provision of necessary education.
Due to cultural sensitivities, the efforts have been made to organize these activities based on studies and researches. The fundamental structures of cultural activities were revised and a cultural plan was developed with more attention to spiritual and mystical aspects; one of the achievements of the structural revision is compiling Moral Training and Education Regulations (MTE Regulations). The MTE Regulations clarifies MIU’s substructures, strategies, and policies in macro level covering cultural and educational fields and is considered as the constitution for the cultural-educational programs.
The MIU’s cultural-educational activities are designed to address various needs. They not only cover students’ moral and educational aspects, but also offer various programs concerning culture, personal development and entertainment. In other words, the MIU’s cultural and artistic programs are designed to address students’ various needs ranging from mental and physical health to social and cultural skills.