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Short Courses:
Al-Mustafa University has organized short courses in a bit to develop the skills and knowledge of Muslim scholars with respect to Islam and the school of Ahl-e Bayt (a.s). Theses scholars include the clergies, Friday prayer leaders and the individuals in cultural fields that are currently active in disseminating and delivering speech who can not reside in Iran for a long period of time.

The university has so far held several programs and hundreds of participants from various countries such as Pakistan, Iraq, Oman, Bahrain, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, the UK, Emirate, Canada, the US have graduated from these short term programs.   
Study Opportunities:
One of the other activities of the university is providing is the study opportunities for the lecturer, theorists, and outstanding thinkers within the Islam world. So far, more than 10 qualified applicants have applied for study opportunities, some of them have given the sabbatical.
Admission in short course programs
The short courses are held with the aim of expanding the knowledge of thinkers, academics, cultural and religious activists, and Friday prayer leader. The program is held in Farsi, Arabic, English and other widely used languages.
Admission qualifications:
1.       Possessing general admission qualifications
2.       Having occupation in relevant activities such as academic, cultural and religious ones in the home country
3.       Competency in Arabic, Farsi or English
4.       Familiarity with Islamic teachings
5.       Successfully passing the interview
Admission requirements:
1.       Filling the application form
2.       Copy of passport (pages with personal information and expiration date)
3.       Six passport picture (recently taken)
4.       Original copy of the latest education certificate verified by Iran’s embassy or cultural house
5.       Transcripts of grades
6.       Documents showing priorities (if applied)
Program Structure:
The program’s time is varied between one month to one year. In a one year program the first three months is allocated to learning language and some other introductory courses and the next six months, held in a form of two semesters, is for the specialized modules; and the last three months is about the core modules.
Highlights of the programs:
1.       Intensive language learning based on the learner’s needs
2.       The course units are aligned based on the requirements and mission of the Islamic disseminators
3.       Attention to and concentration on principle course units, the ones preparing the participants for the exams and helping a self-study method
4.       Attention to the needs of the learners and attending to their options
5.       Running workshops for some of the modules requiring practical practices
6.       Counting the passed course units in other programs in case the learner is interested in continuing his/her education in long-term programs
7.       Offering the participants the graduation document