4 Equal to PhD
Four is a 5 year program containing 94 credits. [Program is divided into the following sections]: Four years taught courses of advanced Principles of Islamic Law and Jurisprudence accounting for 48 credits. Referring to advising professors weekly to get guidance and supervision in Principles of Islamic law and Jurisprudence separately which accounts for 16 credits and a series of prerequisites and introductory course units which account for 26 and a 4-credit dissertation.   
Students are selected from postgraduate holders who meet the requirements. The program is in fact a research-based specialized course in advanced Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic Law. It is designed to enhance students’ knowledge and lay the groundwork for Ijtihad and improving students’ skills to deducing methods in jurisprudential fields.
Students choose from and attend the classes of religious scholars and supreme Maraj’e who are teaching in seminary schools. Students must choose their professors after enrolling in course units and after arranging the time to make sure their academic activities are in line with their objectives. Participants must attend guidance classes which are held on a weekly basis in order to receive feedback to their questions, be given advice about learning methods and improving the quality of learning advanced courses and asserting (Taqrir Newisi).
Students will graduate after successful completion of course units and submitting dissertation. Like the other programs, Al-Mustafa International University is responsible for selecting and hiring academic staffs, holding classes and arranging the examinations.