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Bent Al-Huda School
Bent Al-Huda School was established in 1992 with the financial contribution of some benevolent individuals and consequently the school campus became the property of Al-Mustafa University.
This school is the first female institute for the non-Iranian students with 422 female students from 39 different countries who are currently studying. As many as 70 students live in the university accommodations and the rest arranged their accommodations on their own.

Educational programs:
Besides the graduate programs, other courses are run such as Farsi language, short-term one year and two years programs as well as the program for high school diploma. Also the postgraduate programs in commentary of the Quran and Philosophy has recently been introduced.
So far more than 235 students from 16 countries have been graduated in post-diploma and graduate level. The school has the following faculties:
1.       Philosophy and Theology
2.       Quran and Tradition
3.       Arabic literature
4.       General
Farsi Language Program:
The fresher students initially start the 6-month Farsi language program and over successful completion will receive the certificate of completion.
High School Diploma:
Those students who did not finish their high school in their home countries, can pass the one-year program that is coordinated with the Ministry of Education and after passing some course units in the Bent Al-Huda School they are introduced to high schools to take the exams and after successful passing the exams they receive the official high school diploma.

Short-term Program
Once the fresher students pass the Short-term program they start Post-High School Diploma and graduate level programs.
Post- High School Diploma and Graduate Programs:
Over completion of the Short-term program, the female students enter the Post-Diploma and Graduate programs. The course units of post-high school diploma and graduate levels are based on full-time studies. In case a student is willing to finish her studies, she can request post-high school diploma in Islamic Teachings and Farsi Language which will be awarded to her after completion of a certain volume of course units.
Students who choose to continue their education will go on without any further entrance exam and they carry on till they are graduated in Islamic culture and Islamic Teachings.
The graduates can take the entrance exam and if successfully passed, they can enter to postgraduate level in their favorite programs.
Research Programs:
The research section is one of the departments of Bent Al-Huda School aiming at encouraging students toward research and carries out the following programs:
1.       Organizing annual conferences and scientific meetings
2.       Publishing journals
3.       Expanding the libraries
The school’s library contains 5500 titles of books with 13000 volumes.
Cultural-moral programs:
Bent Al-Huda School offers various cultural programs such as practical trainings, tours, religious ceremonies, and nursery services.